samedi 25 décembre 2010

c'est une vieille lettre en russe et à l'encre violette ecrite d'Ukraine par mon arriere grand père Nicolas à son plus jeune fils en exil, Vladimir Nicolaievitch Ivantcha.
Nicolas said:
Dear Volodjichka
"Finally after 4 month we've received a letter from you.
We are happy ,infinitly happy for your sucess.The turn of life, i have to say, you did wide and if you can stay on a place without breaking lose, your success after a year or so, will be guarantied , will be strong. Doing farm work is healthier and more relaxing than standing at a factory machine and damage your lungs with metallic dust!Somehow ,by itself,a thought appeared in my head and i shared it with your mother : a year or two will pass _Volodia will be stronger on his new place , he will get better materially and our dear son will take us old parents in his place.
At least let's dream a bit about it and may be the dream will come true.
What just doesn't happend in life!We wish you luck from all heart in your new thing that you're doing.
Now about my home things.The summer and autumn that we passed were very unhappy for us.About three months mama was very sick ,she layed in bed the whole time.She had an intense malaria , causeof which she layed in hospital of Pavlograd.Temperature was making huge jumps-from 35 in the morning to 40 in the evening.Following of such
unormality was weakening in organ and heart work going down.At the present time
mama is at home.Althought her heart from time to time doesn't bit correctly, anyway her health from day to day is getting better.She has good apetite and she sleep good, she sweats less offen at nights.Mama's sickness got us all almost in big sadness, but now we're all feeling better and hoping for her to get totally healthy.
Me , ton père,almost having 57 years behind my back, start to allready obviously get rusty and weak.Sometimes ,when it's humid or wind in face, i have strong attacks of can't breath.But all of that is in order of things- "MHE BPEMR TAETB"_My happyness is in you my children.I am happy for you Volodia that you are doing good.I'm happy also for Vitja .Vitja allready went away from us to do his own bread.Since august he has a promotiion in his job and he's working in Pavlograd.By the way from him worked out not a bad dramaturgical artist-
beginner, with nice voice, tenor.At the present time (how he write) he's elected with all voices as a secretar of a local dramaturgical club.Serious and responsable job.Our last one, Misha,who's becoming 19 in March ,since last August, studies to be a CYETOBO? in a cooperation, because of what , from early morning to late night , he's working in caceley.Often he doesn't come home for dinner.They promise to send him in special course for his profession after finishing in Pavlograd that he will become patented.
So, my friend Volodia, here you have a list of things that have happend to the each of us the last 4 months.In about two weeks, Mama and Misha will go to Pavlograd and will meet with Vitja and make a photo of themselves which will be send to you in a special ordered letter.Actually Volodia, i decided to send you all the letters , in future, ordered -difference in price of stamps is not big , but guaranty that you received is bigger.You should do the same.Write,my friend, more offen.
Mama,Misha and Vitja will write you toghether.
We all kiss you very strong.I sign for all of us
your father, Nikolai Ivantcha , 15 OF Décember 1925."

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